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March 4th blog update

Posted on 3 March, 2013 at 8:40 Comments comments (4)
Hello! I must apologise for my scarcely updated blog - here is an update on the most recent happenings in the life of VELVET HENNA.
Thanks firstly to the lovely people who have emailed my website with lovely comments, or given me compliments when I have met them at functions! Your kind words always put a smile on my face. Thanks.xx
Thanks to everyone I have met recently while working for my wonderful friends from "Henna Harem". I have been with them for our annual Adelaide Fringe installment of "The Garden of Unearthly Delights", and while I have been on shifts, we have been totally innundated! It is lovely to meet so many people with an interest in such an amazing art form. I personally love it, and love the fact that as an art form, you never formally "arrive" at being an expert - you are constanly learning and being challenged as an artist which is wonderful { and good for the brain!}
I am looking forward to seeing everyone again at the "Gumeracha Medieval Fair", coming up again this year on May the 4th and 5th, in the lovely Adelaide hills town of the same name.  My tent will be there as usual, with the much appreciated help of some lovely fellow henna artists { due to the high demand from last year, I won't be working on my own, as we had so many people wanting henna!}.  So,do come by and say hello if you are going to be at the fair.
Just a quick word again about henna whilst overseas. I have had several cases of lovely people describing their overseas henna experience where they were burnt , and sometimes ended up on antibiotics due to infections. Natural henna NEVER comes in BLACK.  I have worked out that a lot of people are being mis-lead when they see natural henna drying on the skin. As it dries, the crust can indeed appear black, but the underlying stain will not be.  Because we as a society are tattoo obsessed, people asking for tattoo like henna have given rise to a product often called "black henna". To meet this demand, unscrupulous people put all sorts of nasties in their "henna", such as petrol,black hair dye and caustic soda. {Check out some of the horror pictures on Google, and you will see what I mean! } Always ask the person DOING the henna design ,if they know what is in it! If they don't know, or can't get an answer for you, THINK TWICE!  Language is often a barrier, but never be afraid to ask for natural henna. Sounding a bit nerdy could mean the difference between a lovely, safe henna experience and a horrible scar and infection!  I will always tell you what is in my henna, because I make it myself, from scratch to ensure there is nothing nasty in it!  I just wanted to mention this, as there are great artists around in Australia, who are highly trained and experienced, and who go out of their way to promote and apply this wonderful art form in the most concientious manner. It is heartening to know though, there are heaps of people doing and being adorned with lovely,natural henna!!
I am also preparing to do some Wedding henna, and a couple of parties, which will keep me busy enough. So, best wishes for now, and I promise to add something to this blog sooner rather than later!! Bye for now!

Velvet Henna at Glendi!!!

Posted on 22 October, 2011 at 6:22 Comments comments (1)
Glendi is getting closer & it is with great excitement that Velvet Henna, in conjunction with The Bellydance Art Academy, will be sharing a stall together on Saturday October 29th. Come & say "Hi" if you are there!
More news on Glendi to come, so stay tuned!!

Velvet Henna at Glenunga International High School International Day.

Posted on 20 October, 2011 at 19:55 Comments comments (0)
Velvet Henna at Glenunga International High School International Day.
For the past few weeks, Velvet Henna has been tutoring enthusiastic students from Glenunga International High School in preparation for their International Day on Wednesday 26th October. We are looking forward to a great day and some excellent designs from this group.