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Welcome to Velvet Henna

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Velvet Henna provides you with the ancient art of henna design in your own home or venue. A mobile service, from private appointments to Corporate Functions and Festivals, Velvet Henna will ensure your affair is a unique, artistic experience.

I only use NATURAL henna powder, make my paste entirely from scratch. Cones are available for you to purchase if you would like the opportunity to decorate someone yourself (Please note: 48 hours notice is required). 

I refuse to promote or use anything called BLACK HENNA.

The only exception to this is HENNAGLAM - where I have used that in black, I will always state that it is HENNAGLAM, not anything toxic!!!

Please note that natural henna ALWAYS has a processing time. From application, it will appear orange after removal, then as it oxidises, will change for 48 - 72 hours before reaching its darkest shade. Then it will naturally soften in colour as your skin exfoliates!

Velvet Henna carries Public Liability Insurance and a current Police Check.

Elegant, fun, funky and temporary, Velvet Henna is pleased to offer you hand made, nautral, PPD free henna! No nasties here.

See Velvet Henna onYoutube! Orhere.

I am proud to use the only 100% organically, NASSA certified henna powder in Australia, sourced through the wonderful Charmaine at "Henna Tent". I have always handmade my paste from scratch, and over the years have tried many types of henna powder, often sifting by hand up to three times myself! (that's how dedicated I am to offering you a superior henna experience!) No need with my current henna powder, though I do sift it once (I even sift Jamila henna powder once!). This henna powder is "the business" and provides both safe, chemical free henna, AND a consistently brilliant colour and duration of stain life. { Although, YOU are the one who determines just how long you wear the henna before removal, therefore, how dark and longlasting the design's final colour!!}


I am really pleased to be able to offer this new product! A wonderful alternative if you want colour in your life, "HennaGlam" is a temporary, water based body polymer from Henna Caravan (the home of HennaCon in Los Angeles) and comes in a myriad of colours! Lasts up to five days or so on arms or legs, but really only a day or two on wriggling fingers. The hot new trend on the Bridal and Formals scene, why not consider this marvelous alternative to natural henna? (By private appointment only) Photo used with permission by Bianca DeMarchi Photography 2017.


I have offered "Henna Crowns"since early on in my life as a henna artist, and it is always a huge privilege to decorate someone when they are at a very vulnerable time in their life. A "crown" is an ideal gift if you are looking to cheer up a cancer patient, or to support a relative who is going through Chemotherapy. Please contact me to speak about your specific requirements - I can't cure cancer, but I can make someone look and feel wonderful while they fight their way through it! 

"BELLY BLESSINGS": These events are a favourite of mine! Nothing like blessing the "mother to be" and guests for a Baby Shower, a Pregnancy photo shoot, or just as a personal gift to someone who is expecting. Trying to dodge a moving baby is always fun! Bookings can be for mother to be only, or guests as well, you decide. As henna is traditionally used to mark a change in life, this is a perfect opportunity to be pampered, and have a design that might last until the birth!

(Please note that for both "Henna Crowns" and Belly Blessing henna, only a blend containing the essential oil of lavender is used,as this is the safest oil in both cases) 

2015 was a special year in the life of Velvet Henna, celebrating 10 years as an artist! That year also saw me continue my learning journey, by attending the Australian Henna Circle Conference, in Sydney, Australia. This was hosted by Desert Shadow Henna, in April. 2015.

The learning continued when I attended "HennaCon", an American Henna conference in Los Angeles, California, hosted by Henna Caravan, in late October 2015, and again in 2016. In 2017, I have been invited to be a "Guest Instructor", and couldn't be prouder!

Velvet Henna is dedicated to learning and practicing this amazing artform as often as possible. Working with other artists has given me the opportunity to expand my skills by "jumping in at the deep end" in doing other artists designs. I consider it a privilege to work with and for others, as it has enriched me personally, and my art has only strengthened by personal connection with the growing Australian Henna Community. I owe them a debt of gratitude for including me in their functions, specifically Oriel from Henna Harem who has included me as part of her nationwide team for over 7 years.

Velvet Henna does not endorse or use "Black Henna".

Henna is NEVER black and if offered, should always be avoided!! It has chemicals added such as PPD, {found in black hair colour}, hydrochloric acid, pen ink and petrol. I have personally had clients who have been scarred, and incurred infections from this awful product, requiring medical attention. If the artist can't tell you what is in their henna, consider not having any. I will always tell you what is in my henna, as will any caring professional who makes their own like I do. 

To make an enquiry or booking, please contact us.